Knowledge transfer

How have human individuals and communities dealt with different challenges in the past? The profile area seeks answers to this central question not only from the perspective of ancient studies, but especially with regard to current developments, such as migration and social change.
Therefore it is a main concern of the profile area to make the individual and collective research content visible beyond disciplinary and university boundaries and to establish a broad discussion.

To meet this requirement, workshops and conferences are regularly organized to stimulate a transdisciplinary and (inter)national exchange and to discuss the findings in a lively dialogue. In addition to the members, external guest speakers (lectures) are invited. Within the framework of internal working meetings approaches, questions and, above all, methods are reflected upon and re-explored in the light of current developments. An overview of current events can be found here.
The results of the research are available to experts and the interested public in form of various publications (list of publications).

The questions pursued and results obtained in the profile area are continuously integrated into university education in order to introduce students to research (processes) at an early stage. For this purpose, the disciplines involved in the profile area continuously develop teaching units in the form of lectures, seminars, internships, etc., which are embedded in regular modules, and which also can be taken as part of a disciplinary course of study without hindering the standard period of study.
Interdisciplinary events as well as special formats, such as summer schools, preparation of interdisciplinary exhibitions, international conferences, lecture series, reading groups, etc., are offered in close connection with the Q+ study program. An overview of all teaching units linked to Challenges can be found here.